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Un arbre solitaire au milieu d'un vignoble de la Corniche Angevine


Maine et Loire

2023 was a significant year for me, as I was the recipient of a one-year scholarship awarded by the foundation Mécène & Loire in collaboration with the Angers museums and the Angers art library. This grant materialized in the form of an artistic residency and a photographic commission focused on the theme “Heritage and Light”.


While the second semester was dedicated to preparing and promoting the rendering of the residency, the first semester was dedicated to shooting. Inspired by the mission of DATAR of the 80s and influenced by the work of renowned photographers such as Raymond Depardon, Josef Koudelka, and Gabriele Basilico whom I adore, I traveled on foot about 400 kilometers across the department. 


My goal was to capture, through my photographs, the deep essence of the region. Below you will find a selection from some 1,600 photos, illustrating the diversity and splendor of the landscape, agricultural, architectural and industrial heritage of Maine-et-Loire captured during this residency.

Attention :

This page is dedicated to the department, the work carried out in Angers is excluded but visible here.

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