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One-on-one session :
4 hours to learn and improve

I don't know anything better than practice to get better at photography. It is by dint of repetitions that one develops one's senses, one's anticipation and one's range of techniques.

For example, between 2016 and 2017, I made no less than 396 photo sessions, more than one every two days.

With this individualized workshop, my intention is to transmit to you all the advices and secrets that I have been able to gather during these years of practice so that you can in turn to integrate at your photograph.


Expertise in street photography ; but not only

Street photography sure is one of my specialties, so I could help you discover and improve in this domain.


Possessing solid knowledge in fields such as landscape or architectural photography, do not hesitate to let me know the specialty you wish to approach.

A single price

250 euro


What is a typical session like?

The first exchanges will be by emails or telephone.


Then, after having made an appointment in a place defined together, we will begin the session.

Are the sessions only in Paris?

Except for very special cases discussed in advance, the sessions take place in Paris only.  

How long does a session last?

The workshop lasts 4 hours, a coffee break after two hours is planned.

When and how is payment made?

The payment is done either in advance by bank transfer or payment by link via the SUM UP platform or in cash or credit card at the start of the session. No payment by check will be accepted.

How should I dress?

Take into account the weather of the day because the session will take place even if it is raining or cold. Also bring shoes you are comfortable in.

Do I need to be in good physical condition?

It is true that you may have to walk several kilometers but if your physical condition prevents you from doing so, we can adapt the format of the session. Please inform me of any incapacities at the time of booking.

Can I offer the experience to a relative?

Sure. Just let me know the name of the lucky recipient in advance.

Do I have to be an experienced photographer?

Absolutely not, the workshop is for photographers of all levels.

What kind of device is needed to participate?

All types of cameras except smartphones are accepted.

What if I'm a minor?

Minors must be accompanied by an adult. The adult is present as an accompanying person only - he cannot take advantage of the workshop unless he pays the amount for it.

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