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Although I practice photography alone, I appreciate the idea of sharing my experience and putting my know-how at the service of those who need it.

This is why in addition to the print sale, I offer you experiences that will allow us to create links at a time when we sorely need it. 

Do you like photography ? Do you like my style ? What if I told you that you could become one of those people I photograph ! And that in addition you could leave with a museum quality print to impress your friends ?!


You've been thinking about it for a long time.


Your last trip reminded it you, the photos taken with your smartphone or your camera do not pay tribute to the beauty of the landscapes you have seen.  


You simply want to acquire the basics of a fantastic mode of expression.


I have a solution for you.

I offer you personalized support in the streets of Paris. For half a day, we will cross some of the most photogenic places in the capital where I have taken some of my most striking photographs.

I will divulge technical and practical advice to you in order to improve your photography.

Open the doors of your workshop to others!


I know artists are the most  poorly off when it comes to providing visuals of them creating. Yet in the age of the internet and social networks, having quality photos has become essential.


I suggest that you take a picture of yourself in your workshop so that you can have photos for your communication and calls for applications.

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