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Photographie minimaliste d'une gigne électrique vue depuis une voiture à la nuit tombante

As an art photographer, I do not confine myself to the treatment of a single subject. On the contrary, I like to explore the different fields of photography. 
You will find on this page:
travel photography, street photography, more personal works or commissioned works.

Street photography in Paris is my main activity.  The street notebooks are presenting an overview of photographs taken during those poetic wanderings that I have been practicing for years.

Photo prise en hiver devant le parvis de l'église St Roch à Paris. Quatre personnes se réfugient dans un rayon lumineux pour se réchauffer. Chacune d'entre elle vaque à ses occupations

Coming from a family accustomed to travel, I have had an interest in Elsewhere since childhood. I am always looking for my next trip. In this section I present to you the memories gleaned during my travels. 

Aux iles féroé, une longue route sinueuse se perd dans le brouillard

Perhaps you will have noticed it, perhaps you will have read it, but my universe revolves around recurring themes such as passage and absence. If it is possible to detect it on the majority of my photographs, there are on the other hand, series which are completely dedicated to them. I invite you to discover them in this section.

Une personne croisée à Paris dont seules les jambes et le porte document sont visibles

Always up for a new adventure, I rarely refuse the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. In this section, I share with you some collaborations, the first one is done with a parisian museum and the second with a guesthouse.

Les mains d'une femme apparraissent de sous une couette dans une ambiance intime et lumineuse
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