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Un homme avec un chapeau melon photographié de dos sur un pont parisien


It could be you

Photography as I practice it is a solitary activity. Whether in Paris or when I'm traveling, I walk for hours alone. I recently wanted to change that.


I had in mind a will to offer an experience that would include you in the artistic process.  If you are on my site or if you follow me, that normally means that there is something in my universe that you like.

What would you say if it was you in the photo ?


Only reasons to being seduced

The idea is to photograph you in my way, namely as a silhouette, a shadow or a reflection. This is where we move away from the classic portrait photo since the goal is not for you to be directly recognizable.


Imagine though, you invite friends over. They  spot the photograph on the wall, they congratulate you on your new  acquisition then there you tell them that you are the person in the photo !

Because yes ! You will receive a print from the photo shoot !

Un homme vu en contre-plongée d'un homme assis sur un banc entrain de regarder son téléphone



Be part of an artistic process and live a privileged moment.

Un couple déambule sur un quai à Paris la nuit



Live a moment of complicity between friends or lovers.

Un homme d'affaire montant un escalier



An original experience to offer and a memorable keepsake.


What is a typical session like?

The first exchanges will be by emails or telephone.


Then, after having made an appointment in a place defined together, we will begin the session. This will consist in exploring the environment in order to find original locations and frames.

Are the sessions only in Paris?

Except on special occasions always discussed in advance, the sessions take place in Paris only.  

How long does a session last?

A session lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.

When and how is payment made?

The payment is done either in advance by bank transfer or transfer by link via the SUM UP platform or in cash or credit card when we will meet. No payment by check will be accepted.

How should I dress?

You can dress as you used to but prefer it can be wise to wear dark clothes.

Should I bring accessories?

Accessories such as hats, umbrellas or any element having an easily discernible silhouette can be interesting.

Can I come accompanied?

A maximum of three people can be present during the session.


Either two companions for one photographed people, or one companion for two photographed people.

Is the price for couples different?

The price for couples is the same as for single people

Can I offer the experience to a relative?

Sure. Just let me know the name of the lucky recipient in advance.

And after the session?

The day after the session, I will send you the best images of the session. You will choose the photo that will be printed afterwards.

How many photos will I receive?

The base rate includes the printing of a single photograph.

What if I want more?

Each additional photograph to be printed will be charged

What type of photo will I be given?

Depending on the offer you have chosen ( see below ) the prints will be either laminated on aluminum or on paper with a passe-partout.  

How long will I wait before receiving my print?

Although it depends on the type of print and the quantity, it takes between 3/4 days minimum and 10/15 days tops.

Anyway, I will keep you informed by email or sms throughout the process.

How will the photos be delivered to me?

I always prefer pick-up exchanges. If it can't be done, we will find another solution together.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Il s'agit d'une photo d'un de mes tirages papier et encadré

1st formula

art lover

Price 250 euros including VAT


Your photo printed on museum quality paper and put under 3.3mm mat in 24x30 format for optimal rendering and preservation.

Il s'agit d'une photo d'un de mes tirages aluminium

2nd formula


Price 400 euros including VAT


Your 22.5x30cm photo printed on museum quality paper and laminated on 3mm aluminum, all in a black oak frame. 

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