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I like to say that there is the photographer who take pictures to meet other people and there is the photographer who takes pictures to meet himself. What I mean by that is that in my case, my approach does not rest on the Other. When I go to New York or Venice, it's not New Yorkers or Venetians that I'm want to photograph, what I'm interested in... it's how I feel when I'm in New York and Venice!

"Temps faible" photographer

​Like Raymond Depardon, Henry Cartier-Bresson or André Kertesz who share and shared the love of "temps faible", I am seduced by the poetry of the banal. While everyone will understand the meaning of "highlights", "temps faible" is the opposite. Here, the tension is elsewhere. I believe that the absence of a sensational event does not justify the fact of not taking photographs. In fact, I even think the exact opposite.

Suggestion as a weapon

In the continuity of this attraction for the banal, my approach is marked by a self-effacement which translates into a distance with my subjects. The characters when they are present, are often only shadows, reflections, silhouettes regularly crossing the frame or shot from behind. This reminds that passage and absence are recurring themes in my work.

Chiaroscuro as a pattern

My universe has an intense visual signature made of strong contrasts, play of shadows and reflections. Fascinated since childhood by chiaroscuro and more precisely tenebrism, I claim a direct influence by the works of Caravaggio or Flemish painters such as Rubens, Vermeer or Rembrandt.



Who am I ?

Born in 1989, I am a French photographer based in Paris. Specialized in black and white, I've decided in 2015 to leave my career as a geographer in order to fully concentrate myself on the practice of photography.

In addition to obvious references to photography, my style also borrows from the codes of painting and cinema.


My work has been published and received several awards.I exhibit regularly in France and have had the opportunity to show my work in Italy, Greece, Canada and Japan.


Since 2019, I am the photography section's president of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, the oldest association of artists in France, also at the origin of one of the largest Parisian art fairs.


In photography


Andre Kertesz


Josef Koudelka



Eugene Atget


Robert Doisneau

Lee Friedlander


Ray Metzker

Michael Kenna


Stanley Kubrick


Bernice  Abbott

In painting



Johannes Vermeer




Eugène Delacroix

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