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Photo minimaliste d'une barque solitaire sur un lac aux Féroé. La brume englobe la scène une conférence un sentiment de quietude et beauté à la scène.


Faroe Islands : an isolated paradise 1,500 km away from Paris

Of all my travels to date, there has not been more moving than this trip to the Faroe Islands. This has begin the moment the plane's door opened. At the first breath you already feel far away. The air is fresh, its density in the lungs is different and it tastes like salt.

Then the descent of the plane is done directly on the tarmac and after having crossed two automatic doors you find yourself at the edge of the road, left to yourself.


The second shock comes when I realized that there are practically no barriers. Nowhere. The mountain in the distance ? You can climb it if you want to. With a population of around 50,000  souls  on all 18 islands, it is also common not to meet anyone during long hikes.

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