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Like most photographers, I have images that I consider unsuccessful. Taking the time to revisit this reservoir of images, I discovered that frequently, interesting elements were hidden in the background.


I then embarked on a thorough exploration of my archives, seeking fragments that often remained concealed at first glance.


In this process, I zoom into my existing shots, gathering fragments not exceeding 1500 pixels on longer side, resulting in a resolution of around 1.5 megapixels.


Beyond the idea of nuancing the perception of photographs in terms of quality and challenging the dichotomy between a "good" or "bad" image, the goal is to counter the current commercial discourse that advocates pixel overload as a necessary condition for a successful photo.


I appreciate undertaking this revision, or even recycling, as it provides an opportunity to emphasize that art and photography are not based on quantitative but emotional and subjective values.


I have also deliberately chosen to print these photos on a textured paper (Hahnemühle William Turner) to highlight the materiality and enhance the presence of these often blurry or noisy shots.


I had the pleasure of presenting the series "Fragments" at the 2024 edition of the Confrontations de Gex photo festival.


It was the first time I defended this work in front of an audience. While I'm usually reluctant to pair text with images, I realized that in the specific case of this work, it was impossible to grasp the meaning of the series without the discourse that accompanied it.

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