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Une chaise solitaire dans le jardin des tuilerie. La partie haute se détache sur le sol sablonneux.


Stroll through the Parisian gardens

Review of the series by Michel King

The abandoned chairs whisper their sunny memories. Scattered, coupled, lonely, tied up then shamefully encased, the chairs in gentle melancholy exchange the intimate beats of their hearts, they envelop us in an enigmatic tranquility. Lo Kee's shutter, so as not to disturb their confidences, patiently awaits their silence.

Michel King, Dean of the Official Painters of the Navy, Knight of the National Order of Merit, Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and President of the National Society of Fine Arts.


Couverture de mon livre sur ma série photographique portant sur les chaises des jardins parisiens

What is a "P'tit Réduit"?

This is a 40-page photo booklet dedicated to a trip or a theme, here my series on chairs of Parisian gardens.

All in a reduced format of 13x13 cm for a reduced price.

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