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Une femme nourrie les albatros au bord du las Ontario. Au loin, on devine les tours d'une banlieue riche de la ville.


Toronto, Queen City

On the shore of the Lake Ontario, Toronto is a sprawling city. One in four Canadians lives in it's urban area. If Ottawa is the political capital, the Queen City is the economic and cultural capital of Canada.

Invited in creation/exhibition residency by the Alliance Française, I spent a month in Toronto in the spring of 2022. The cultural team having given me carte blanche, I roamed around the city looking for atmospheres I like.

In this city which is located at the  third  step of the podium  (after New York and Chicago)  when talking about the number of skyscrapers in North America, I wandered  tirelessly. Here is a selection of memories I gathered there.

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