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Une personne passe devant l'objectif de mon appareil photo. Nous sommes boulevard Saint Germain. En arrière-plan, on devine une autre personne hatée le pas.


Are you going somewhere?

Review of the series by Michel King


Lo Kee does not open his shutter on the snows of Kilimanjaro, the ruins of Angkor, Niagara Falls… No, this stroller of the streets, photographs the gray bitumen and the footsteps that animate him. Crossing the street, a snapshot of Lo Kee appears to me; I pass through this mirror of his dreams. Its pedestrian crossings lead us to the edge of our architectural dreams. He trades with shadows; he is in love with it. Its shadows tilt, jostle, give rhythm, designate, cover each other, silhouette each other. Lo Kee projects me not a moonlight but a light of shadow which illuminates my walk of myopic prosaic...

Michel King, Dean of the Official Painters of the Navy, Knight of the National Order of Merit, Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and President of the National Society of Fine Arts.

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